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Welcome to St. Theresa Catholic Church

Welcome to Saint Theresa Church, we hope to serve you and your family as you live your faith at home in your Domestic church.  Explore our website for various updates, as well as formation information or via our social media platforms such as:  Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
You will find opportunities to worship, pray and reflect. We look forward to staying in touch with you as we share our love for Jesus Christ, and for you .
If you have any questions we are available via email.
You and your family remain in our prayers. 



This will be the first time in my 70 years that I will not be able to wave leafy branches on Palm Sunday. 

While we cannot celebrate Holy Week together in our parish, we can still celebrate as one Church. 

This sunday, let's all hang a leafy branch on our doors as a symbol of our faith. 

-Father John Kavcak, M.S.C.





Mass will be posted on St. Theresa's YouTube Channel.

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Palm Sunday Readings

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What if every family on Sunday April 5th, puts a branch on the door of their house or a window to celebrate Palm Sunday?





Our Parish Mission Statement
St. Theresa is a welcoming multicultural, diverse Roman Catholic community; aspiring to make God the center of our lives, striving to proclaim Jesus’ message of Hope, Forgiveness, Love and Compassion to all.

Nuestra Misión Parroquial

Santa Teresa es una Comunidad Católica Romana, con diversidad multicultural. Aspiramos a tener a Dios como centro de nuestras vidas . Proclamamos el mensaje de Jesus que es ; Esperanza, Reconciliación, Amor y Compasión al Prójimo.





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