Thank you/ Gracias

We would like to thank Errikka Paiz, Alter Society, and Ann Edmond, Catholic Daughters, for their time and effort spent leading the ministry.

Nos gustaría agradecer a Errikka Paiz, Alter Society, y  Ann Edmond, Catholic Daughters, por su tiempo y esfuerzo llevando el Ministerio.

Welcome/ Bienvenidas

We would like to welcome Luz Matha, Alter Society and Melissa Becerra, Catholic Daughters. May God bless them in their new leadership roles in  ministry.

 Nos gustaría dar la bienvenida a Luz Matha, Alter Society, y Melissa Becerra, Catholic Daughters. Que Dios las bendiga en sus nuevos roles de liderazgo en el Ministerio.

Living Faith, Changing Lives, Making  a Difference


You are home!

Enter for a visit and forever...

Celebrate Life...

Find acceptance and a warm welcome at the Lord's table...

Experience the bonds of friendship with God and with others...

Celebrates God's love for You

Anointing of the Sick:  Please inform the parish immediately in case of serious illness or when any of our parishioners are homebound or confined in a hospital.

Rev. John Kavcak, M.S.C.
This parish is staffed by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (M.S.C.) For more information check out the M.S.C. website:  


Deacon Pablo Benavides

Parish Office Hours/ Horario de Oficina
Monday/Lunes: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Tuesday/ Martes - Friday/ Viernes: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Lunch/Almuerzo: 12:30 - 1:30 pm

EUCHARISTIC CELEBRATIONS/Celebraciones Eucharisticas
Saturday/Sabado:  5:00 pm (English) ~ 7:00 pm (Spanish/Español)
Sunday/Domingo:     8:00 am, 10:00 am and Noon
Weekday:  7:30 am in Daily Chapel and
                   7:30 am Saturday
Holy Days:  As Announced
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturdays at 3:30 pm

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:  (in our Adoration Chapel) 8am-12pm

Catholic Church

Founded in 1948

Nuestra Misión Parroquial
Nosotros, la comunidad Católica de fieles cristianos reunidos en St. Teresita, nos esforzamos cada dia por ser un faro de esperanza para todos. Inspirados y apoyados semanalmente con nuestra común celebración del Dios viviente, compartimos nuestros recursos especialmente con aquellos menos afortunados.

Transformados por una continua oración inspirada por el mensaje evangélico, somos renovados por nuestros procesos educativos y en el cumplimiento de nuestros compromisos ministeriales.

Diáriamente, a través de actos concretos de paz, justicia, compasión y de amor, nos esforzamos en ayudar a realizar el reino de Dios.

2800 E Ramon Rd Palm Springs, Ca. 92264

Welcome to our home on the Internet.  Here you will find the latest news and information about St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Parish, an invitation to you to discover or re-discover all the benefits of sharing a truly faith-filled life in a genuine Catholic Christian atmosphere...

St. Theresa

Let us not grow tired of prayer; Confidence works Miracles.

No nos cansemos de la oración ; La confianza hace milagros .

 St. Theresa

Our Parish Mission Statement:
We, the Roman Catholic community of Christ’s Faithful gathered in St. Theresa’s, strive each day to become a beacon of hope to all. Inspired and supported by our weekly communal worship of the living God, we share our resources with one another and with those less fortunate.

Transformed by an ongoing prayerful relationship with the Gospel message, we are renewed by our education processes and fulfilled by a commitment to ministry.

Through daily concrete acts of peace, justice, compassion, and love, we strive to help bring about the kingdom of God.

Weekly Parish activities/events

Actividades / Eventos


Ages 18-35 Begins

Thursday June 23rd

(1st & 3rd Thursday )

@ 6pm-7:30pm 

In the Youth Room


Contact the Catechetical Office.

Phone: 1.7603232669

Fax: 760-322-8581