St. Theresa

Choir & Music Ministry - Men and women, singers or instrumentalists who enjoy music and chants perform in a choir or as a solo cantor during Mass.

 Contact: Arlene Chung  (760-323-2669)

Spanish Prayer Group - Grupo de Oracion:  reuniones semanales , a modo de adoración, alabanza , oración, compartir la fe y las enseñanzas basadas en las sagradas las Escrituras , intentar de recibir plenamente los dones que el Espíritu Santo nos concede.

Contact: Carlos Trinidad - (760-831-7773)

St. Theresa is fortunate to have fine parish members who teach us on many levels and areas...

​​The liturgy belongs to the whole Church - not to any particular individual or local community.  It has been handed down to us.  It is not only a celebration in this particular time and place, but it links us with the countless faithful who have gathered at the Lord's command through the ages. It propels us into a future when we will celebrate in the fullness of God's reign at the eschatological feast of heaven...

Church Environment Committee - Team members help to enhance the decor of our parish church in the spirit of the liturgy throughout the seasons of the year.  Contact:  John Rios-Nuckles (760-770-5996)

St Theresa School - Men and women help the faculty and the students as tutors, recess supervisors, drama/sports coaches, library assistants, after school care and learning center aides. 

Contact:  School Office 760-327-4919

Pro-Life Ministry - Men and women concerned about respect for all human life gather to take action and bring help to expectant mothers.

Contact:  Rae Wenzel (760-416-9086)

Ministry to the Sick and Elderly -

 Parishioners bring hope and compassion by taking Holy Communion to those who are homebound and residing in convalescent homes.

Contact:  Parish Office (760-323-2669)

Altar Servers - Boys and girls who have received the Sacrament of First Communion serve the community by assisting presiding priests during Mass.

Liturgical Committee: works with our Pastor  and  Deacon to prepare and oversee all the Eucharistic celebrations and all special liturgies throughout the yearly calendar...

Catholic Daughters of the Americas:  is one of the oldest and largest organizations of Catholic women in the Americas. They donate to charities, administer scholarship programs and strive “to be helping hands where there is pain, poverty, sorrow or sickness” through their motto “Unity and Charity.” Contact:  Melissa Becerra (760-219-1522)

The Pastoral Council: assists our Pastor in serving our parish by assisting in the decision-making  process regarding parish care, activities, new events, and the variety of ever-growing local needs.


Ushers - Men and women participate minister at Mass by  welcoming and seating parishioners and guests, take up the collection, help designated parishioners in the Presentation of the Gifts and distribute the Parish Bulletin. Contact: Felix Barajas (760-567-1006)

Spanish speaking community Council:

 assists our parish in organizing and overseeing Spanish and bilingual liturgies, as well as various events and fundraisers.

Hispanic Ministries -Saturday evening Spanish Liturgy as Readers at Mass and Eucharistic Ministers.  Contact:  Parish Office (760-323-2669)

​​​Finance Council: oversees with the Pastor  the financial records and manages the donations and funds as needed for the upkeep and maintenance of the parish. 

Knights of Columbus - Catholic men gather in fellowship to promote closer ties of fraternity, conduct fund-raising and charitable events.
Contact:  William Irwin (760-567-1496)

Parish Life

Food Bank - Men and women help to distribute food and assist the needy of the local community.   Contact:  Parish Office (760-323-2669)

Marriage Preparation - Married couples assist those preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage by discussing the expectations and realities of married life.  Contact: Parish Office (760-323-2669)

Baptism Preparation - Team members conduct a class to prepare parents and godparents for the Sacrament of infant Baptism.
Contact:  Parish Office  (760-323-2669)

Eucharistic Ministers: Parishioners who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation serve our community by distributing the Body and Blood of the Lord during Mass. 

Contact:  Parish Office (760-323-2669)

Readers at Mass - Parishioners who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation serve the community by proclaiming the Word of God at Eucharistic celebrations.  Contact parish office: (760-323-2669)


Religious Education - Team members share of themselves by passing on the faith in teaching children (age 3-grade 8), young people (high school) and also through sacramental preparation for Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.  Adults are prepared for Confirmation and also assisted through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). 

Contact:  Erika Gonzalez -  

English and Spanish at (760-323-4351)

RCIA -& Adult Confirmation - Team members assist and participate in the formation process of adults inquiring into the Catholic faith and those preparing for the Sacrament of adult Confirmation.
Contact:  (760-323-4351)

Hug-a-Baby - Volunteers give their time and effort to make and/or buy layettes for expectant mothers.  Contact: Parish Office.

Gifted & Called LGBT-  This Faith Sharing group is for anyone who identifies himself/herself as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual and who celebrates Catholicism as his/her religious tradition of choice. We exist for the experience of spiritual growth which transforms and move us beyond ourselves in the service of others and we welcome all to share in prayerful celebration and contemplation, learning, social action, healing, and hospitality.

Contact: Anthony Nemger (760-537-1923) 

Gifted Called LGBT Website

Filipino Ministry: The ministry acts as an advocate for the spiritual formation, pastoral care, and social concerns of the Filipino community. Supports and promotes the rich ethnic diversity of their community's cultural gifts and identity, while encouraging and assisting them in their integration into the church. Contact: Josephine Imus (760-774-2562)

Scripture Study: weekly meetings, by way of worship, praise, prayer, faith-sharing, and Scripture-based teachings, we try to receive more fully the gifts the Holy Spirit bestows on us.

Contact: Linda Patton-Hiatt 760-323-2669

Altar Society - Women parishioners gather in a spirit of fellowship to support the parish with sanctuary maintenance and through fund-raising activities. Contact:  Luz Mata -(760-323-2669)

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